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RETEMS CONSTRUCTION offer customers high-quality, long life, units and integrated equipment system that meets all modern international standards.

Total quality control on every stage, binding guarantee for performed works and post warranty service – all of these are the result of special policy of the company, directed to gaining leading positions on the market.

Civil engineering

Project realization depends not only onex act performance by constructors of all suggested project solutions but also on application of high quality materials.

«Retems Construction» cooperates with the best suppliers of construction material and goods. All materials meets All Union State standards and all necessary certificates are available.

Our designers and constructors are working for the common idea, therefore no annoying problem arises between these “opposing parties”. The important advantage of the complex attitude is also your permanent awareness.

List of services

Projection of buildings and constructions.

  • Fulfilment of the functions of general projector.
  • Developing of sections of project documentation for construction of buildings.

Electrical installation works.

  • Electrical installation works (installation of circuits and electricity supply systems,electrical lighting and electrical equipment);
  • Architectural lighting of buildings (project, approval, assembling).

Technological solutions.

  • Heating system, fresco system.
  • Water pipe, wastewater drain system.
  • Heat supply system.
  • Electricity supply.
  • Electrical equipment, electric lighting.
  • Communications and alarm system.
  • Environmentprotection.
  • Systems of firefighting, fire alarm.

Construction, assembling and special works.

  • Dismantlement and demolition of buildings;
  • Installation of stone constructions;
  • Installation of monolithic and assembling of precast and concrete structures;
  • Anticorrosion protection of building structures
  • External plastering and facing works;
  • Roofing works;
  • Insulation works (waterproofing works and heat insulation works)
  • Internal finishing works
  • Facade finishing works

Project documentation.

Project documentation is worked out each incomplex for all parts of the documents and its separate parts:

  • general plans of the territories of buildings, constructions and its complexes;
  • architectural solutions (plans, sections drawings, front elevations);
  • design solutions on buildings and constructions.

Contact information:

Khan Shushinsky st., 66, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku AZ1007
Phones: +994 12 449 60 66,  +994 12 449 66 60


Work time:
09:00 – 18:00 (+3 GMT) Monday – Friday

Social profiles:
Instagram: @retemsconstruction

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